COVID-19 antibody testing

Testing samples in a lab for coronavirusThank you so much for all your help with our COVID-19 research so far.

We are now inviting everyone who completed one or more of our three COVID-19 surveys to take part in a COVID-19 antibody test. This will help us build a clearer picture of who has had COVID-19 and learn more about why some people develop severe disease and others do not. We are also working with a group of other similar studies in the UK and they will be asking their study members to take part too.

If you agree to take part in this new research, we will post you a kit to use at home to collect a blood sample through a finger prick. The laboratory we are working with will test your sample and we will send you the result. Please check your email for your invite.

Thank you again for your important contribution. With your help, we can discover more about the effects of COVID-19.

To find out more, please read the information sheet and watch the video on the COVID-19 survey page.