Member Stories

Last year, we asked you to share your reflections and memories of taking part in the study. Specifically, we asked you to tell us whether you had an early or special memory of being a member. A big thank you to everyone who contributed – we really enjoyed reading these. Here are some of your stories below and we look forward to sharing more of these with you in the future:

Being in school

‘I remember being taken out of a science lesson in my first year at secondary school and sitting in a small room to write about my hopes for the future. That seems like a long time ago now! Can’t believe we’re 65…At least we have a Beatles song about us!’

‘I remember being in school and the headmistress coming into the classroom and asking me to come out – I felt very special, especially as other children were curious to know what was happening and I couldn’t wait to return to the classroom and tell my friends about the special lady who had been to see me to ask questions for a special study of all the children in world (in my naivety) who was the same age as me. I was on cloud nine that day!’

‘I remember the first one I did in prep school, in the room opposite the headmistress’s study at a little wooden desk all on my own in there. I’d never been asked about how I felt before and as I wrote my answer down I cried. I’ve always wanted to re-read that.’

‘A vivid memory of being called out of primary class with some of my other classmates, thought we were in trouble but we were asked to write an essay about what we wanted to be when we grew up!

‘My first memories were being taken out of the classroom and given tests and a medical, mum always said it was because I was part of a special study but at the time I didn’t appreciate the importance.’

Memorable journeys

‘Going on the bus with my mum to the clinic in the nearest city to record my development, hardly anyone had a car then so the bus journey was a treat and a bit of an adventure for me.’


‘When I was 11 we were asked to say how we felt we would be when were 25. I said 25 was so old I would have died by then. Always a joke in the family at birthday times.’