Since your parents were first interviewed when you were born, there have been 11 further surveys of NCDS study members. In April 2024 we completed the survey at age 62. Thank you for taking part.

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Life in Your Early 60s Survey

We originally launched this survey in January 2020 but only managed to interview a small number of you before the Covid-19 pandemic struck. The survey restarted in spring 2021 and completed April 2024.

COVID-19 Survey

Thank you to everyone who took part in this important research. The information you have all provided is incredibly valuable. Not only is it helping us to understand the immediate implications of the pandemic, but it will also enable us to track the long term effects, as we continue to follow your lives into the future.

Age 55 Survey

The Age 55 Survey took place between 2013 and 2014. This was the first time we asked you to complete a survey via the internet. We asked you about your relationships and work, your expectations for retirement, and your caring responsibilities. More than 9,000 of you took part with two thirds doing so online.

Age 50 Survey

The Age 50 Survey took place in 2008. Age 50 marked a big milestone in your lives, and this survey aimed to find out about what your lives were like at this age. We even asked you to write a little about how you imagined your life to be at age 60. Just under 10,000 of you took part.

Age 46 Survey

The Age 46 survey took place in 2004 and was conducted via telephone. We asked you about your lives in middle age, including your relationships, work, use of computers, smoking and drinking habits, and your experience of crime. Just under 10,000 of you took part.

Biomedical Survey (Age 44/45)

The biomedical survey took place between 2002 and 2003 when you were 44/45 and aimed to explore the factors associated with health in early middle age. A set of measures were taken and many of you gave blood, and saliva for analysis. Over 9,000 of you took part.

Age 42 Survey

The Age 42 survey took place in 2000. This was the first survey that was conducted by an interviewer with a computer rather than by pen and paper. Over 11,000 of you took part.

Age 33 Survey

The Age 33 Survey took place in 1991. The survey sought to continue to follow your journey through adulthood. Over 11,000 of you took part.

Age 23 Survey

The Age 23 Survey took place between 1981 and 1982. This was the first survey which did not involve your parents. Just under 13,000 of you took part.

Age 16 Survey

The Age 16 Survey took place in 1974 and aimed to continue measuring your educational, social and physical development through adolescence. Just under 15,000 of you took part.

Age 11 Survey

The Age 11 Survey took place in 1969 and aimed to track your development as you transitioned from primary to secondary school . We also asked you to write an essay about what you thought your lives would be like at age 25. Over 15,000 of you took part.

Age 7 Survey

The Age 7 Survey took place during 1965 and aimed to measure your educational, social and physical development. Over 15,000 of you took part.

Birth Survey

The first survey took place the year you were born. It was known as the ‘Perinatal Mortality Study’ and was focused on investigating the health of mothers’ new-born babies’ health in Great Britain.


There have been a number of ‘sub-studies’ that have collected information from a smaller number of study members on special topics, such as being a twin, disabled school leavers, and adult basic skills.