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Who will conduct the Health Visit?

Health measurements on the Life in Your Early 60s Survey will be collected by a fully qualified healthcare professional who may be a nurse, midwife, phlebotomist or emergency medical technician. NatCen are one of the fieldwork agencies working on the Life in Your Early 60’s survey and have a panel of specialised healthcare providers responsible […]

What health measurements would you like to take?

We would like to carry out the following health measurements: – weight, body fat, waist and hip measurements – blood pressure and heart rate – grip strength – balance – walking speed – blood sample collection for analysis, storage and DNA extraction – online dietary questionnaire For more information, please take a look at our […]

Do I get anything extra for agreeing to the health measurements?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any financial payment for your health measurements. As always, everyone on the study team, and those who use the data, are extremely grateful for the time you have given to the study over the years. Without you we just couldn’t do it. If you agree to a health visit, […]

Why are the health measurements useful?

Adding health measurements to the information we already have in NCDS gives us a unique opportunity to really understand your life in depth. They will allow us to answer many questions about the health of people in your age group, including questions about some of the most significant health issues affecting society today. For example, […]

Will I see the results of my health measurements?

The healthcare professional can give you a record of waist and hip circumference, blood pressure, grip strength, weight, and body fat percentage at the end of your health visit, if you would like them to. We can also send you the results of your cholesterol and glycated haemoglobin tests.

What can my weight tell me about my health?

In the health visit we will ask to weigh you. We can record this on a card you can keep. If you know your height, you can calculate Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI is a frequently used measure of health. When reading your BMI score your age, sex, and ethnic group should also be taken […]