Why should I take part?

By taking part in NCDS, you’re helping to shape society and to make life better for your generation and the next. Politicians, teachers, doctors, nurses, social workers and others use findings from the study to improve services and policies to help people like you. Find out more about how the study has made a difference.

It’s your story and only you can tell it. NCDS has been following you since you were born and we really want to continue following your lives.

You’re unique and irreplaceable. If you choose not to take part, we cannot replace you with anyone else. Without you, we don’t have the whole story.

It’s important that we understand what life is like for people from all different family backgrounds and all the different parts of the country.  That’s why we need as many of you as possible to keep taking part – each and every one of you brings something new to the picture and together, you represent the diversity of the NCDS generation.