Millions tune in to BBC One to watch film celebrating childhood dreams of NCDS members

The BBC One Show travelled back to 1969 to feature a film about three NCDS members who wrote essays at age 11 imagining what their lives would be like when they reached 25.

This year the study, and three of its members, Sally Johnston, Steve Christmas and Jackie Adkins turned 60. The BBC interviewed them to see whether they fulfilled their aspirations, and to discover how their lives have unfolded since.

At the film’s conclusion each study member reflected on whether their 11-year-old self would be pleased with their life at 60.

Steve said: “I would not swap it for the 11-year-old life that I predicted. I think he would have been thankful that things turned out good.”

The hour-long programme was themed around childhood hopes and dreams, and presenters, Matt Baker and Alex Jones invited viewers from across the UK to email and tweet their own stories about whether they realised their aspirations. You can see a selection of tweets below.

At age 11, many of you were asked to write an essay imagining what your lives would be like at 25. The study members featured in the film gave permission to be named and interviewed.

The full BBC One Show programme is available on the iPlayer.

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